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  1. Real-time communication refers to instant communication between people or systems, like video calls, chat messages, or group discussions that happen right now continuously. Modak DAO uses blockchain, smart contracts, and real-time communication to make a decentralized content ecosystem. It lowers the physical barriers and allows people from all over the world to participate. It actively promotes positive communication between the user and creator to build a dynamic and robust relationship that works well together. It encourages and facilitates functional, constructive and highly productive communication. By using the transformational power of AI, Modak gives content creators an open and transparent decentralized environment paired with blockchain and smart contracts. Modak DAO is dedicated to using AI (Artificial Intelligence) fairly, minimizing issues about concerns related to AI. Modak DAO introduces a unique token economy in its decentralized ecosystem that enables people to communicate with each other and share information using tokens. These changing encourages interactions that add value by rewarding and recognizing participants and contributions with cryptocurrency. This makes the experience of engagement and collaboration way better. Our mission is to change the digital communication landscape by lowering barriers like distance, location, and languages that make it difficult for people to communicate. It desires a place for communication that is equal and accessible for everyone, making sure that everyone can use and participate. Modak DAO intends to change the way decentralization works by promoting an open, community-based ecosystem. there will be a smart token economy that relies on real and valuable information. This will change how people interact and work together in digital content. In conclusion, Modak DAO is a creative force that is transforming how digital content is owned. We are breaking down barriers, allowing people worldwide to participate, and encouraging successful teamwork with its unique mix of blockchain, AI, real-time communication, and innovative token economy. Our mission is to build an open, community-based ecosystem based on accurate information that will change how digital content works. So, keep an eye on Modak DAO’s progress in the Web3 World as we are making a difference in the Web3 world. In a world where communication knows no boundaries, we pioneering the path towards a future where everyone can connect effortlessly, securely, and profitably. For details, please see the below links: => Website Address: https://modak.town/ => Step-by-step YouTube Instructions: https://youtu.be/eM28E3oasJ0?feature=shared => Medium Post: https://medium.com/@modaktown/modak-wood-referral-36d2a086cd9f
  2. Secure email is essentially regular email with a few security enhancements on top. The technology behind the scenes is ultimately the same, which means that you already know how to use a secure email provider. You still send messages to named addresses with an @ and a domain, and you still get plenty of spam. For that reason, anyone can call themselves a secure email provider. There's no dictionary definition, and most major email providers like Gmail and Outlook would also consider themselves "secure" despite falling short of the mark. Most providers who use the term to describe their service go much further than requiring a strong password or using two-factor authentication. Security, in this sense, isn't only about stopping someone from gaining access to your account, it's also about keeping your data and identity safe. A truly secure email provider is unable to read your email conversations. They should ideally be located in a jurisdiction that's not subject to data sharing between intelligence agencies. The technology itself would ideally be built on open standards for a "crowdsourced" approach to security. The service shouldn't profile you, serve personalized ads, or log metadata. This is why Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and most other free, mainstream email providers are not regarded as being truly secure. A secure email provider is "better" than Gmail in terms of data security, but you will miss out on Google's features and deep integrations. Let your priorities decide which is the better option. End-to-end encryption is essential in building a truly secure email system. While services like Gmail encrypt the connection between your computer and the server, any information you send to the server (including the contents of your messages) is not encrypted when it gets there. Any private conversations (or state secrets) you're discussing will sit on Google's servers in an unencrypted format. If that data is stolen, for example, in a data leak, it doesn't need to be decrypted before it can be read. A secure provider will encrypt data on the server, making it useless to any third parties. The lack of end-to-end encryption means that email providers can access the contents of your messages, and they've used this access in the past. Google previously scanned the contents of Gmail messages for advertising purposes but stopped the practice in 2017. The company continued scanning emails to power services like (the now-defunct) Google Now. How else will Google's assistant be able to remind you about the trip you've got coming up?
  3. Are you sick of those boring and repetitive sentences and words over and over again? Well, you shouldn’t because we have some great tips that we are going to reveal right away that can make your writing journey an amazing one. To humanize your AI text, you need to add some interesting and engaging storytelling elements. Create a flow and use words that your target audience finds more interesting. Your text needs to have the same tone and writing style from the beginning till the end. Instead of using plain robotic language, try to use phrases and add anecdotes. This might be the most important part when it comes to humanizing your AI content. Write like you are talking directly to the reader. Put yourself in his shoes and write accordingly by giving your words a touch of emotions, and feelings and using language that is more natural rather than AI-generated. For example, while writing a travel blog, add your personal experience. Tell about your trip and your personal experience and how that trip made you feel. Describe each emotion of the memory you made. Make your text more fun and relatable to the readers by adding idioms, slang, informal phrases and language that we use in our everyday lives. AI-generated content has excellent grammar but it is not necessarily natural and creative. Tailor your content according to the needs and interests of your audience. Add more of what they are interested in and are willing to know instead of adding information that is irrelevant for most people. Add backlinks so the people can know more about what they are looking for. When writing content for your audience, use AI tools as a researcher, not a writer. Ask it to provide you with relevant facts, figures, information and details instead of generating the whole text from it. This will allow you to generate content in your voice and text that will present your unique style. Humanize AI Text is a GPT that aims to transform AI-centric language into a more user-friendly and human-readable format. This tool is particularly beneficial for transforming AI text into a version that mimics human-like conversation, improving the readability and understanding of AI-generated content. The goal of this program is to allow users to engage more seamlessly with AI-written content, fashioning it in a way that resembles more closely to a dialogue one might have with another individual, as opposed to engaging with an AI tool. This tool is free to use and it builds on the capabilities of ChatGPT, applying an additional layer of processing to rephrase and modify the output from AI to sound more 'human'. To use this tool, users are prompted to provide the AI text they want to humanize. The GPT, after processing the input, returns a translation that aims to retain the meaningful content but in a more relatable and human-friendly format.
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